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Basic Crime Prevention is a 40-hour course designed for new law enforcement personnel who provide basic crime prevention services for community members. Topics include: physical hardware, alarm applications, use of environmental design, security surveys, community support, and program evaluation.  Students are requested to bring a laptop computer pre-loaded with “PowerPoint” and a blank “disc”.

Monday, May 09 – Friday, Nov 18 - 22, 2017................................................. Fall 2017 
​Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Students are required to complete the enrollment process prior to the first day of class to ensure they are current in our system. Please follow the following instructions: 

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              ii) IMPORTANT: Make sure to fill out the date in the box that says "When did you start your present stay in California?" If you were born in California, please enter your date of birth. Leaving it blank on the application for admissions will automatically make you an out of state resident and you will be charged out of state tuition fees. 

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     f) Contact us at (916) 570-5000 with your SID# prior to the first day of class.

CPTED and CCTV Course


8 HOUR.    $98.00 per student

Student will develop a working knowledge of CCTV/Video Security Systems and how to use video security systems to support CPTED strategies in their jurisdiction

Crime prevention professionals are continuing to come in contact with video security systems.  CCTV systems should be assessed or evaluated during a physical security or vulnerability assessment.  Specific training and knowledge is needed for the crime prevention professional in order to competently analyze CCTV systems and make recommendations to support CPTED strategies.  This course will provide training from a law enforcement point of view.

Crime Free Living.Com 
Address: P.O. Box 2039,

Chico, CA 95927 

Phone: (530) 327 7268

CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design), CCTV app and CPTED, Tactical Video Surveillance

Application Form
Basic CPTED Course $275.00 (24 Hours)


  • Community Policing and CPTED
  • CPTED Strategies for Problem Solving
  • CPTED Processes and Strategies
  • How to do a CPTED assessment
  • Blueprints, Planners, and Architects
  • Community Issues and CPTED
  • CPTED and School Safety
  • Case Studies

Student will develop a working knowledge of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, and develop a plan for implementing CPTED strategies in their jurisdiction

1  Student will bring to class information on a problem or a problem area/site
2.  CPTED strategies will be developed for specific problem, area/site
3.  Student will analyze obstacles in implementing CPTED strategies for problem, area/site

Law Enforcement agencies receive free tuition and discounts!  Call for information!  


All courses are designed to give specific information with real life applications.  Students and organizations will acquire a level of expertise that will allow immediate implementation of the course material.  Fees for the courses may be determined by number of students and location of class.  

  • Workplace Violence Prevention:
  • Tactical Video Surveillance Course for Law Enforcement:
  • CPTED and CCTV
  • Basic CPTED

Basic CPTED, CPTED and CCTV, Tactical Video Surveillance

Basic Crime Prevention

Two (2) units through American River College  
Call (916) 570-5000, fax (916) 570-5023, or

Important Note: Agencies are required to identify their student by name 30 days prior to class. Any reservations without a student assigned will be canceled. 
FEES: $108.00* 
$92.00 Enrollment fee $1.00 SRF fee (No SRF Fee for Summer Courses) $15.00 Material fee* Students who have not established legal residence in CA are required to pay additional tuition and fees. Payment for non-resident tuition must be paid at the time of registration. All fees subject to change 
P.O.S.T. Plan IV #2970-31250" .  This information is belongs to the section below the boxes that start with "Sacramento Regional Public Safety Training Center". 

Basic Video Surveillance Workshop for Law Enforcement


This 20 hour course is for Law Enforcement Individuals ONLY! $275.00 (GroupDiscountsAvailable)

  • Video Basics
  • Surveillance Basics
  • Equipment
  • Deployment Strategies

  • Video Acquisition 
  • Video Management 
  • Case Studies
  • Video Surveillance and Law
  • Remote Surveillance

This workshop will provide the student with a working knowledge of video surveillance, equipment, deployment, video acquisition, tips and tricks, and analysis of real video surveillance cases. Email: or call (530) 327-7268 for flyer/application form to photo copy!

Designed by Law Enforcement for Law Enforcement! SWORN OR NON​