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Contact Crime Free Living.Com with any questions you may have regarding CCTV system design or Video Surveillance Services.  Please indicate whether you want an email or phone response.  We will not call you unless you request a phone call.

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Bring expert information and training to you!

Whatever your situation and the challenges you face, there are solutions.

Vulnerability & Physical Security Assessment's:

  • Risk and Threat Assessment of Business, Schools, Parks, and Residential. An onsite analysis and report that details opportunities that exist for criminal and unsafe activity to occur.

Police and Public Video Security CCTV System Design, and Sales:

  • Police Officer Training in Video Security Systems. Video System designed to save time, money, and to get the video evidence you need.  Do NOT over spend. Let a Law Enforcement trained video expert design your video security system.

         Expert CCTV system design services.

Security & Safety Policy Development:

  • Certified Advanced Crime Prevention Specialist's will guide your security policy development.  We are able to analyze your current security policy or help develop new security strategies.  For Government, business, and religious organizations.


  • With hundred's of surveillance deployment's for law enforcement you can expect to get the video information needed.  Insurance Companies, Internal Theft Problems, Private and Discreet needs, and of course Law Enforcement Needs.​

CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design):

  • CPTED, (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) strategies and policies, can be developed to help design out crime and encourage proper behavior.  Assessment of current structures, parks, businesses, and existing developments is available.  Ideally consultation should be initiated at the design level of any project.

Police Officer Training:

CCTV System Design

Video Security System Installation

Video Surveillance Services

​Police Classes